Happy New Year!

Gavin Watts / 04.01.2022
As we enter 2022, we take a quick look back over the past year and an insight into the exciting opportunities ahead of us at Define. We Moved • We Grew • We Designed and Built some Awesome Stuff.
As we enter 2022, we’re taking a look back at the year to reflect and share some key highlights for Define.
We think it is fair to say that the pandemic has been a major challenge for all businesses up and down the country, bringing with it some highs and lows. Fortunately for us, it has been a time where we have been able to reflect and more importantly prosper within, including welcoming new clients and staff into the practice.
We saw the practice grow and new collaborations formed. Among them, Sarah Jin joined us in May after completing her Masters in Architecture at Manchester University. Since joining Define she has become an integral member of the team bringing a wealth of knowledge in 3D visualisations and physical modelling, whilst leading multiple projects during their initial design stages.
The Marble Arch refit was completed in May 2021.
View towards our social 'pods' from the courtyard entrance.
Within the past year, we have moved into two new target sectors, large residential and later living, whilst strengthening our offering through in-house 3D Visualisations and Interior Design. Further we saw the completion of several projects and a couple more starting on site, which we cannot wait to share with you next year. We have also started to expand our certifications with Ashley and Gavin currently studying for their Well Buildings Standards and Passivhaus accreditations respectively. This will continue to expand our knowledge as a practice and expertise, offering more value for our clients. 
With the ever more critical issue of Climate Change, it is our goal to focus more on our carbon footprint impact and LEED practices across all our projects, which we can implement to do better. 
Becoming a peer within the RIBA North West Emerging Practice Forum, we were also able to establish a platform with other emerging practice in the area allowing us to share and learn from one another; with an aim to make to profession stronger as we emerge out of these challenging times.
On site image of Farmstead House. Due for completion in September 2022.
Internal image of our recently completed Cliddesden Road project
It is no doubt that 2022 will bring with it many new challenges for us and with this greater, more exciting opportunities to define the direction of the practice. We cannot wait to get going and would like to thank you all, our clients and collaborators, both past and present for your continued support.