Summer Studio Trip - 2022

Gavin Watts / 25.09.2022
Oxford; A city of great historic tradition and a celebration of traditional and contemporary architecture coming together.
Last week we spent an amazing couple of days away as a team to Oxford for our annual summer study trip. Lots of walking, punting and building visits with still so much we didn’t get to see. 
The purpose of the trip intended to explore the contemporary additions to some of Oxford’s most prestigious colleges over the past couple of decades and their relationship to each individual campus. 
Punting down the river at Magdalen Bridge.
From Niall McLaughlin’s Balliol College Masterplan, which appears nestled in its surroundings through to bold interventions by the late Zaha Hadid and Herzog & DeMureons Blavatnik School. The city is a fantastic example and celebration of traditional and contemporary architecture marrying together in some of the country’s most prestigious Conservation Areas. 
St. Hilda's College - Gort Scott Architects
Since the construction of James Stirling’s Florey Building, John Patridges Hilda Besse Building and the phenomenal Arne Jacobsen’s Grade 1 Listed St Catherine’s College, the University of Oxford has prided its self on exemplifying experimental and forward thinking design; which illustrates the modernisation of their academic advances. Today, it continues to shine with an architectural approach, which feels like it could write its own history for centuries to come.
Worcester College - Niall McLaughlin
The technical detailing and refined material palettes were a personal highlight of the trip; allowing Oxford to stand out from other UK cities we have visited over the past couple of years.
Brickwork Detailing - Nail McLaughlin
Balliol College Masterplan - Niall McLaughlin
As we approach another exciting period in the studio in the run up to Christmas, the trip will be one, which we can all take inspiration from and continue to challenge our own design ethos.

For more information or the trip itinerary please get in touch. A special thanks to Worcester College, St Catherine’s College and St Hilda’s College for the private tours. 
Final Visit of the trip was to the Bishop Edward King Chapel.