Our fees explained?

Gavin Watts / 02.01.2024
A fresh approach to architectural fees, which we believe offers more control, flexibility and a greater understanding of your project for you. We explain our new approach and why it will benefit your project.
Our design process has been structured and tailored to adapt to your individual requirements. 

  • When it comes to fee proposals, we discovered a common trend arising when looking to appoint an architect or consultant with many of our clients often questioning ’why are these quotes for my project so varied… what has been allowed for and do I really need to do that…” 
  • Over the past year, we’ve listened to this feedback and are excited to announce the launch of our new ‘tiered’ pricing structure, with the aim to provide more flexibility, control & added value to you. 

  • We appreciate everybody’s requirements and budgets are different. From new build homes in the countryside to commercial fit-outs and larger complex schemes, every project inherits their own unique set of characteristics and specific challenges. Some are relatively simple, whilst others require more research and information produced to achieve success at various stages of a project, for example at planning approval stage or on-site during construction.

  • With a variety of in-house services available by our talented team including architectural design, 3D printed physical models and computer visualisations/ animation, we can provide a range of services to ‘add value’ to your project but we acknowledge every project and client is unique and may not require the same scope as others. 

  • This is why we are introducing our new pricing structure and it’s simple really… we call it The GOOD, The BETTER & The BEST. A three tiered approach to pricing, which offers different levels of information at different project stages with the same high standard of personal service applied throughout. 
  • So how does it work… 

  • We still offer a fixed fee for each RIBA Work Stage but want to provide the opportunity for you to define your requirements throughout the process.  Our tiered approach allows you to structure your project in your own way, choosing different ‘tiers’ at each individual work-stage depending on your expectations. 

  • At the point of enquiry, we will carry out an initial project analysis to create a customised three tiered package for you. This is based on our interpretation of your brief and our recommended requirements to achieve success at each milestone of the project. Each stage therefore has a list of deliverables and an associated cost, If you would like to amend the scope at each stage or simply add additional services (for example 3D animations), we can then add and omit any items you may or may not want to make these unique and specific to your requirements. At the end of the process, you will have created your unique fee proposal based on your own expectations and requirements, providing better ‘value’ to you. 

  • Below is a brief run down of the packages we offer: 
    • Tier 1: The ‘Good’ The essential level of detail which we believe is required to achieve high standards of design and a success outcome on your project albeit without the bells & whistles. On-site we will allow for sufficient site visitors to monitor the works to ensure the contractor meets your project requirements.
    • Tier 2:  The ‘Better’ Building upon Tier 1, we will produce key component drawings for critical aspects of the project and explore the design in more detail (if required) for example volumetric studies/ 3D visualisations etc. More time will often be required on the project due to the extended requirements of the scheme. Often during the construction stage of the project, we will provide regular assistance to the contractor working collaboratively alongside them to provide the necessary architectural input to assist with the build.
    • Tier 3: The ‘Better’ Is what we would define as a full package of works typically including 3D CGI imagery/ video animation of key areas of design. Tender analysis and full involvement during the construction stage. 


We constantly strive to work with amazing people, clients and consultants across all our projects. In order to maintain a high level of service and achieve positive outcomes, we believe in creating a transparent and flexible approach to our work. By defining a strong foundation of understanding at the beginning of the project, we set expectations early and ensure you and ourselves can enjoy working together throughout the project duration.

If you would like more information about of feedback structure, please get in touch by email to mail@definearchitects.co.uk and we will send you an example copy of our fee proposal structure. We look forward to hearing from you soon.