Coach House

Situated within the Yorkshire Greenbelt, the proposal restores and extends the existing property to create a contemporary family home. By working within the Greenbelt, the need to apply a sympathetic approach to the front of the property became a key driver for the project, whilst the rear of the building can celebrate a more contemporary design approach.

Original hand-drawn concept sketch

The architectural approach to the design has been influenced and centred around the notion of giving prominence back to the existing Coach House and ensure any additional form(s) are visibly different in their form yet maintain continuity through the material palette.
The form of the previous extensions to the property has resulted in restricted head height internally for the rear bedrooms and must be addressed. To rectify this issue, the design proposes to raise the eaves height of the existing side and rear extensions by applying a flat roof structure to the existing areas. This approach appears to have the smallest impact to the property with regards to creating additional volume, whilst also respecting the existing eaves height of the original host dwelling.
The interior(s) have been shaped to ensure multiple views across the site and opening up the existing house to the proposed family space. Internal openings are lined in timber to signify 'stepping' into new zones of the property, whilst a refined material palette allows spaces to flow into one another.

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Architectural Design



Design Team:

Ellie Platt

Project Team:

Stephen Morgan-Hyland - Maddox Planning