Companio Bakery

In partnership with artisan bakery Companio, we have carried out a feasibility study for a new flagship store in Central Manchester. The proposal seeks to expand upon the interactive and immersive experience of the bakery to create a new offering for customers and bakers.
Proposed Internal Layout
A lot of people begin their day around 7 am but for any baker, by the time people get to their desks at 9am, they are already half way through their working day.

Yes we need to focus on the business model, making sure that we have enough activity and diversify the offering of the site but as operators the space must function as a production facility as well; supplying a number of places in the region. With this in mind, we wanted to enhance the ‘making’ element of the design, creating a positive and open atmosphere to work in in the early mornings.
Clean and minimal decoration to maximise the industrial nature of the site.
Inspiration from a favourite cafe in Copenhagen, Denmark.

"Playing on the immersive experience of Companio's existing premises we wanted to retain the current atmosphere yet provide increased capacity to help them increase capacity."

Ashley Taylor- Director, Define Architects

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