The Fan Zone

In line with our plans for a 10-year programme of ground improvements at The J.Davidson Stadium late last year and in partnership with Altrincham F.C & Libero, we are delighted to unveil the first phase of our stadium redevelopment plan.
Concept diagram of the final design. 4 pods and a lattice roof form create a new area of the stadium to give back to the supporters.
A new Fan Zone in the corner of the Golf Road and the Pop Side, aims to give back an area of the ground to the club’s amazing supporters to create an environment that gets the place rocking before kick-off. 

A self-build project, which will be constructed by ourselves over the summer; the design of the Fan Zone focuses on a modular construction method, which will allow the project to expand and evolve in line with the continued success on the pitch.

As a self-build initiative, the main challenge we face is the simplicity in it’s construction approach. The structural design has been carried out by the generosity of Engineeria, a leading Structural Engineer company in the UK, who have explored innovative, simple construction methods due to the self-build nature of the scheme.
Fan Tiles engraved with supporters names will wrap the Pod facades.
On-site construction image in our workshop.

"The initial phase will provide new homes for Libero and the programme shop as well as creating an opportunity for a new street food vendor at the ground."

Gavin Watts - Principal Architect, Define

3D Visualisation from pitch side.
Construction of the pods, utilising standardised lengths of timber.
Our first pod is currently under construction
Using screw pile foundations on localised pad foundations, the pods will be able to be moved around the stadium as future phases of the project develop. 

As the football club grows and supporter numbers increase, new pods can be added to provide new food and beverage offerings.

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