Cliddesden Road

The new proposed courtyard maintains light into all primary and secondary spaces of the new open plan family space, whilst maintaining an element of privacy to the street.
The main driver was to open up the existing kitchen to the rest of the house by creating a new ‘lightweight’ pavilion to the front of the property. The addition of a courtyard maximises light in the space and creates multiple views out whilst maintaining much needed privacy from the street.
A contemporary addition in juxtaposition to the existing property. The external material palette was careful crafted with minimalism in mind. The brickwork has been matched to the existing house, whilst an exposed concrete frame pays homage to window and door lintels on the existing victorian property.
External View - 01: Street View from the Main Street.
External View 02 - The brickwork corner conceals the utility room addition to the property.
Pre cast concrete panels are used to denote the individual aspects of the project. A Japanese inspired courtyard, central to the design ensures the existing dining room maintains high levels of natural daylight whilst increasing the connection between the existing kitchen and the external landscape.
Ground Floor Layout. The introduction of the courtyard provides additional light deep into the plan whilst maintaining privacy to the street.

"The project harmonises the material palette of the existing property and applies a contemporary language to the new building form."

Gavin Watts - Principal Architect, Define

3D model exploring the notion of 'inserting' a new framed element.
3D CGI Visualisation during the detailed design of the central courtyard.

Project Information


Private Client


Basingstoke, Hampshire



Architecture, Project Management


Completed 2021

Design Team:

Project Team:

Martin Gardner - Matin Gardner Photography
Collyer Construction - Contractor