The design of the project creates pockets of smaller communities on a cluster ‘loop’. Allowing the residents to feel a strong connection to their local neighbours and a further relationship to the wider community. A square pulled apart to create a public square; an extended ‘urban living-room’ for the residents.
A ‘grow’ area in the centre provides a social gathering space and is formed of hit and miss open timber slats and CLT frame. The formation of the local pocket creates public/ semiprivate and private areas. 

Each pocket is connected visually to one another from ‘House’ to ‘House’ with allotments running through the site on an east / west axis. This forms the main pedestrian routes through the site.

"Exhibited at the Grand Designs Live 2017 Show at the NEC Birmingham."

Gavin Watts - Principal Architect, Define

The Grow/House encourages a self-build approach from residents. It is envisaged the resident along with one helper would be able to create their Grow/House. The simple semi-prefabricated design allows the homeowner to initially build the SIP panels shell and fill with Mycellium (mushroom) insulation on the main community house. 

These can then be carried into place on site and bolted together. Eventually this process could be factory produced as entire pre-built units in two parts upon demand. Allowing mass production and cheaper build cost. As the same building method is used for floors/ walls and roof it is a simple one step process.

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