Teewood Barn

We were appointed to review and redesign an existing planning consent for the restoration and remodelling of an existing barn & outbuilding situated within the heart of Ribble Valley. The project adopts key principles of the refurbishment to the barns whilst providing new 'contemporary' additions to the project to tie the buildings together.
Concept Diagram for the spatial arrangement
Exploded Axonometric Diagram showing new 'contemporary additions.'
Teewood farm is located approximately half a mile along Slaidburn Road from the village of Waddington. The Farm Barns are a mixture of two traditionally constructed stone built agricultural barns with natural stone slate roofs and modern concrete walls.

3D Visualisation - Rear Courtyard View

As part of the proposal, a single storey rear extension formally connects both buildings together. The proposals are to connect the barns together in a sympathetic and harmonious manner, making the ancillary barn an integral part of the house, which can be accessed by the residents without walking outside. 

3D Visualisation - Proposed Link Building

The extension has been designed to look seamless where visible from the road, and adopts the material palette of the existing barns. Metal has been introduced to the elevations facing into the private courtyard allowing the extension to read as a new addition to the barns, ensuring its subservience.
01: First Floor Layout
00: Ground Floor Layout
3D Visualisation - Front Entrance
3D Visualisation - View from adjacent road
The proposed position of the extension ensures that the majority of the massing faces inwards to the West. As a result, most of the development is concealed from the Eastern boundary of the site which fronts onto Slaidburn Road. The carefully considered scale and massing, along with the use of matching materials, poses minimal visual impact on the East elevation along Slaidburn Road.
3D Visualisation - View from Living Room
3D Visualisation - View from Kitchen towards Dining Space
Internally, the design is simplistic and functional by introducing a series of partitions which can be perceived as a series of ‘floating’ walls separating the functions within each space. By utilising the existing levels within, the property can create a sense of drama when entering key spaces such as the main entrance and dining areas. 

3D Visualisation - Main Entrance Space

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Design Team:

Anna Henshall
Ellie Platt