Northfield Road

Situated in a rural area of Hampshire in Sherfield-on-Loddon, Northfield Road focuses on the refurbishment and remodelling and extension of an existing 1970’s property into a contemporary open plan family home. The client’s approached us with a simple brief; increase the area of the living spaces, allow as much natural light in to the house as possible and maximise the views out.
Proposed Front Elevation
Existing Front Elevation
Built in the late 70’s, the four bed house was bought by the current owners from an elderly lady who had not changed the property since its construction. The existing layout is dark, outdated and denied the occupants an appreciation of views around the front and rear gardens.
Perceived as a timber clad box sat on a series of ground floor plinths to either side of the property; the architecture aims to reconfigure the existing property and provide an open plan contemporary home for a growing family.  The proposal adds much needed depth and volume to the prominent facades of the property at the front and rear, whilst retaining the plinth to the front of the existing house.
Internally, the front of the house is reconnected to the garden and the floor plan opened up by introducing a nee circulation route in the centre of the plan.  Additional storage, utility room and open plan kitchen, living & dining space complete the arrangement. A sunken snug, creates a clear separation between the kitchen and living space, whilst maximising height in this area and reinforcing the connection with the garden and the sites gradient.

At first floor a new master suite is created to the rear of the house, utilising the existing drainage positions. The small fourth bedroom is converted into a double bedroom through the first floor front extension. 

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Sherfield-on-Loddon, Hampshire



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